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Invitation Wording Samples


Mini Verse 1

This day I will marry
my friend, the one who
shares my dreams

Mini Verse 2

One love that
is shared by two

Mini Verse 3

As our marriage
brings new meaning to love
so our love
brings new meaning to life

Mini Verse 4

This day
I will marry my friend,
the one I laugh with, live for,
dream with, love

Mini Verse 5

Our wedding day
a new life has its start
We'll share with each other
one love, one dream, one heart

Mini Verse 6

Love fills the moment,
and the moment begins eternity
Love fills a lifetime,
and a lifetime begins this hour

Mini Verse 7

Two hearts that
beat as one...

Mini Verse 8

And the two
shall become one...

Mini Verse 9

How beautiful is the day
that is touched by Love

Mini Verse 10

To have and to hold
from this day forward

Mini Verse 11

Our life together
begins this day...

Mini Verse 12

For hearing my thoughts,
understanding my dreams,
and being my best friend...


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